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Tree between mountains showing the love for the outdoors Dr. Susie Meldrum has. She provides orthotics in Cambridge Ontario

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Chiropractic care is a patient-centred, non-invasive, hands-on, regulated health care profession focused on your spine, muscles, joints and nervous system. 

Chiropractors use the best available evidence and clinical expertise to diagnose issues that affect your body's movement. They treat them without medication or surgery and prevent them from returning. Chiropractic care can also promote health and improve your quality of life, as well as alleviate pain.

If you have been looking for a chiropractor who listens, treats the whole issue and uses evidence-based techniques, in the Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Guelph area, click below to book your initial assessment!

Explore Our Services

Dr Susanne Meldrum doing a chiropractic consult with a client for Meldrum Chiropractic and Acupuncture and Massage Therapy in Cambridge.

Chiropractic Care

The most common form of treatment used by a chiropractor is the manual manipulation of the joints of the body. This procedure is often referred to as a “chiropractic adjustment” and restores joint mobility and decreases pain. 

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapy is a specialized form of therapeutic treatment that involves hands-on manipulation of soft tissues and muscles to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Through targeted techniques such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, we aim to enhance circulation, increase flexibility, and promote relaxation.

Person receiving massage therapy services at Meldrum Chiropractic in Cambridge Ontario
Laser Therapy being applied at Meldrum Chiropractic in  Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Guelph.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is an effective, non-invasive, drug-free pain management solution that has minimal side effects. The result allows the body to be able to heal in a shorter period of time. It has been proven to especially be effective for conditions including chronic and acute pain reduction, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, swelling, and inflammatory conditions.​

Paediatric Care

Chiropractic is safe for children. Chiropractic care for kids will vary as much as chiropractic for adults. Parents will typically bring their child in for an assessment within the first month following birth, every 3 months for the first year, every 6-12 months for each year after this. Other reasons include major milestones (such as sitting up, crawling, walking etc), trauma or a fall, if you notice signs of imbalance (limping, head tilt etc)

A baby laying on a table receiving chiropractic care and massage therapy for babies in Cambridge Ontario
A pregnant woman who could benefit from Dr. Meldrum's expertise in chiropractic care and massage therapy for pregnant women in Cambridge Ontario
Pregnancy Care

Dr. Meldrum has completed specialized chiropractic training to provide safe and effect exercises, stretches and manipulations (adjustments) to the low back and pelvis in pregnancy patients to help optimize function and reduce pain.

Acupuncture/Dry Needling

Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin, fine needles into the body in order to decrease pain and promote healing. It is used to treat a wide range of conditions including: back pain and sciatica, neck pain and radiating pain, headaches, shoulder and knee pain, and osteoarthritis​.

Needles being used for acupuncture care at Meldrum Chiropractic in Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Guelph.
A black woman holding a shoe and her new inexpensive orthotics in Guelph Ontario


A custom orthotic is a device designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. 

If you are looking for friendly, patient-centred care, please click below to book an initial appointment to get started today!

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